We turn e-commerce
data into dollars

Gain total clarity and a massive competitive advantage with our modern data pipeline and analytics services.

"Thanks to systematik, I can now confidently make critical business decisions based on accurate data."​

– Adrian Shiel, co-founder of High-Performing Coach ltd.

Tame the chaos with a
single source of truth

Say goodbye to chaotic reporting and team misalignment. Our agile custom solution for e-commerce provides value every step of the way.

Accurate data

We make sure the data you collect is accurate and relevant. You didn’t migrate to google analytics 4 yet? no worries, we got you.

Modern data pipeline

We connect all your data sources to a robust, and scalable cloud data warehouse.

Data modeling

Unlock insights that would be otherwise very difficult or even impossible to get by blending data from multiple data sources.

Automated dashboards

Monitor and analyze your most important KPIs with our lightning-fast dashboards.

Smart monitoring & alerts​

Get alerted when your most critical KPIs are showing unusual activities.

Business intelligence​

Our analysts are experts at finding growth opportunities and making sense of your e-commerce data.

Gain clarity with our
e-commerce analyses

Make better & faster decisions with the help of our modern data pipeline and experienced analysts.

Multi-touch sales attribution

Know which marketing channels are generating or contributing to sales. See your ROAS down to each individual creative.

Cohort & basket analyses

Understand your customers and your products at a level you didn’t even know was possible.

Promotions & coupons analyses

Know which promotions and coupons are profitable by looking at conversion rates, AOV, subscription rates, and more.

Inventory management

Inventory management is a challenge for any e-commerce. Stay on top of things with our custom predictive models.

True profit margin

We calculate your customer acquisition costs (CAC) and customer lifetime value (LTV) to get your profit margin. Even add data from your accounting software for your true profit margins.

Churn analysis

Reduce churn by reaching out to customers that have been predicted to be at high risk of churning.

Conversion rate optimization

We analyze each step of your user journey to maximize your desired outcomes.

"We've been working with systematik for the past 2 years. The insights we got from them allowed us to make major improvement to our sales process. I can't recommend them enough."​

– Maxime Villemure, co-founder of Spaceful.

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