Full stack data consulting

Squeezing Value Out of Your Data

Our done-for-you solution will provide you with a single source of truth and a business intelligence team that will support and accelerate your growth.

"Thanks to Systematik, I can now confidently make critical business decisions based on accurate data."​

– Adrian Shiel, Co-founder of High-Performing Coach ltd.

Tame The Chaos With A Single Source of Truth

Know exactly what should be your next steps with our lightning-fast dashboards and business intelligence team.

Unified Dashboard

How Does It Work?

Our dashboards are great. Combined with our business intelligence, they will make you unstoppable.


Accurate Tracking

We make sure the data that you collect is accurate and relevant.


Modern Data Pipeline

We extract, load, and transform data from your desired platforms into your new BigQuery warehouse.


Data Visualization

We build fully customized dashboards to answer your most burning questions.


Business Intelligence

We provide you with monthly business intelligence reports based on data to help you reach your goals.


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